1. What is Labdoo.org?
  2. Link list to documents, graphics, logos and videos on the Labdoo project
  3. How do you install Labdoo laptops?
  4. Which IT donations and support does Labdoo.org need? Can you support Labdoo.org by a monetary donation?
  5. If I want to donate IT, what can I do?
  6. How can I be sure that my data will be securely deleted?
  7. Is it possible to donate IT based on Windows company / group licenses? Well, it is!
  8. How is the Labdoo.org aid project funded?
  9. If I want to help – how can I get involved?
  10. Are donation receipts or other evidence issued? What should be considered for tax purposes when making a donation?
  11. Are Labdoo projects only abroad?
  12. What happens to defective laptops in the projects? How does Labdoo.org ensure disposal?
  13. What can I do if I know a school or an aid project that also requires laptops?
  14. Welche Vorschriften sind beim Transport im Flugzeug (IATA), dem Zoll und der Einfuhr der Laptopspenden zu beachten?
  15. Are there solutions available for home schooling or integration?
  16. Why does Labdoo use Linux?
  17. Labdoo groups on social media
  18. Newsletter
  19. Glossary

1. What is Labdoo.org?

The aid project Labdoo.org is a global NGO and private initiative of volunteers. The aid project Labdoo.org collects disused, discarded laptops, tablets or eBook readers for projects abroad and for projects in Germany. With the donated devices, Labdoo.org would like to reduce the “digital divide” worldwide in an environmentally responsible way and give children access to IT and education. Schools and children and youth projects (“Edoovillages”) all over the world are supported free of charge upon request. In Germany, the non-profit association Labdoo.org e.V. is covering project expenses.

2. Link list to documents, graphics, logos and videos on the Labdoo project

Our documents are freely usable with reference to Labdoo.org (“copy-left”, CC-BY-SA 3.0). They may be used or passed on to third parties. If you have any questions, hints or links that do not work, please use our contact form, thank you.

3. How do you install Labdoo laptops?

Labdoo.org recommends installing ready-to use “Images for Cloning”, based on Linux. The images can be downloaded from our FTP server and installed using the free Labtix tool. In addition, our images contain extensive, child-friendly learning and office software and learning content, offline wikis, barrier-free access and much more. more. There are various options for providing the children with an optimally equipped laptop:

4. Which IT donations and support does Labdoo.org need?

Laptops, Tablets, eBook Reader

  • all laptops / netbooks up to 12+ years old with Windows licence sticker for Windows 7, 8, 10 etc. (Windows version ex plant, not what was subsequently installed),
    • Laptops with Windows XP and Vista are unfortunately too old,
    • Netbooks are rarely suitable for Labdoo, the computing power or monitor resolution is often too low (only with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher).
  • Apple laptops with Intel-CPUs: only in working condition, with good battery condition and charger.
  • eBook Reader (every brand),
  • Tablet-PCs (every brand, 2015 – today), note: Tablets with USB-C, micro-USB or Lightning fit Labdoo; tablets with wide, manufacturer-specific connectors are too old.
    • with Android 5.0 or higher,
    • with iOS 12 or higher.
  • MS-Surface or other tablet-PCs: 128+ GB internal storage, no Windows RT model.

RAM (memory), disk-drives, accessories

  • DDR3 or DDR4 RAM for laptops,
  • only 2,5″ SATA disk-drives for laptops 120 GB or bigger,
  • Laptop bags, charger,
  • compact USB scanner,
  • LED beamer,
  • Braille readers for computers for blind users.

If you have concerns and want to expand your hard drive or if the HDD is defective, you should please enclose the small parts (bracket, cover and screws) for the hard drive toyour laptop. Otherwise our helpers cannot install a replacement.

But there are also safe ways to erase the data without destroying the hard disk (Labdoo helpers write several times over the disk with random numbers).

Every device that owns a CPU will be registered (“tagged”) with a Labdoo ID. Registering small parts, on the other hand, would cause too much work. Therefore, we can only provide feedback for laptops and other devices and inform where they are sent to.

Which IT donations Labdoo does not accept:

  • no PC / desktop / monitor / printer donation,
  • no PC accessories nor PC disks,
  • too old laptops: Single core laptops, mostly older than 10 years, e.g. Pentium 4, Pentium M, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc.,
  • no laptops with excessive power consumption (greater than 120 watts),
  • no laptops with a monitor resolution that is too low (min. 768 pixels vertical)
  • no wireless mice or wireless keyboards, because of the associated costs for replacement batteries.

4.1 Can you support Labdoo.org by a monetary donation?

Yes, gladly, our charitable association Labdoo.org e.V. also needs your monetary donations, e.g. for spare parts purchases, logistics or our project work. A donation receipt is possible. Thank you for your help.

5. If I want to donate IT, what can I do?

Get in touch with Labdoo, e.g. by filling out our contact form (if possible, also provide us with details such as age or model name). Or contact a dropping point (Annahmestelle, hub) near you.

You can find more information in our wiki for IT donors.

6. How can I be sure that my data will be securely deleted?

Donors are welcome to delete the data on their laptops themselves before donating. If you don’t want this or don’t know how, you can be sure that Labdoo.org will securely delete your data. Labdoo.org overwrites the hard drive several times using our own tools Labtix with random numbers, a recognized procedure also recommended by the BSI – Federal Office for Security and Information Technology Bonn. or download a free tool for data removal, e.g. DBAN.

We recommend the services of our compliance-certified partners AfB Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung gGmbH or bb-net media GmbH to companies that need a proof of disposal and compliance-compliant and certified data deletion. Both partners process company donations in a secure and certified process (secure collection, documented collection / deletion / process chain, etc.). Customers receive appropriate evidence / certificates. The partner is allowed to sell a small part of the IT donations for the effort. Labdoo will then receive fewer devices. Or the company bears the extinguishing costs and Labdoo receives all devices.

It would be a pity, but companies could also remove and destroy the hard disks. Labdoo would then procure and install replacement disks (please include the holder (caddy), screws and small parts for this). In such a case, our charitable association Labdoo.org e.V. would appreciate a donation to cover the costs.

7. Is it possible to donate IT based on Windows company / group licenses? Well, it is!

Many companies would like to donate their IT, but are facing problems because of corporate license agreements with Microsoft. Often the licenses of the Windows operating system are tied to a license model that only allows use in the respective company or group. This license expires when the IT is handed over to a third party. However, this does not play a role in the aid project Labdoo.org, since we use license-free Linux (Ubuntu).

Therefore, companies can hand over their IT to Labdoo.org even if the Windows license expires with the transfer – we do not need this license 🙂

In addition, extensive, license-free educational software for children is installed. Running Windows only Office programs (€) and browsers are available. Labdoo.org uses child-friendly, free educational programs and content for preschool to high school, as well as programs for barrier-free access for the blind, visually impaired and hearing impaired.

8. How is the Labdoo.org aid project funded?

It is our goal to contribute with “almost zero” budget. Since this is not always possible, we founded 2013 our non-profit association Labdoo.org e.V., which is covering expenses from your financial donation, e.g. costs for spare parts, tools, logistics, etc.

Finacial donations are important for our project, but are not in the foreground. Volunteers save resources where they can. For example, irreparable laptops are “cannibalized” before disposal and their spare parts are reused. Only when something is really missing is it ordered. Partners supply us with spare parts at favorable purchasing conditions or even donate them.

The donated laptops are given to schools, homes and other aid organizations free of charge. If recipients would like to help us, they are of course welcome to do so.

Flight sponsors (“Flugpaten”) carry the IT donations with them when they travel, transport helpers as an accessory pack with deliveries. Experts help us with advertising material, companies take us with them as sub-exhibitors at trade fairs, etc.

We are overwhelmed by your great support, without which many of our projects would not even be possible. Thanks a lot for this.

By the way, you can find all of our annual reports with the origin and use of funds, annual reports, list of donors etc. online.

9. If I want to help – how can I get involved?

Everyone can contribute the way that corresponds to his / her knowledge, inclination and possibilities:

  • Help to collect IT donations,
  • Make Labdoo known,
  • join as technical helper, clone donated laptops with prepared images,
  • help to store or transport IT donations,
  • carry IT donations with you when you travel or drive (flight / transport sponsor),
  • become a regional Labdoo hub (dropping point) for IT donations,
  • write or translate wiki articles, presentations,
  • lend your voice to our explanatory video (1 min.) in a new language.
  • or what do you suggest …?

10. Are donation receipts or other evidence issued? What should be considered for tax purposes when making a donation?

Our non-profit association Labdoo.org e.V. issues on request grant notices for IT or financial donations.

Financial donations:
For donations over € 300 (new limit since 2021), we will be happy to issue a donation receipt. The account statement is sufficient for amounts below this. Only “donation” as well as the name and address of the donor should be in the bank transfer.

IT donations:
The valuation for an IT donation in kind for the donation receipt is based on broker / wholesale prices, not on online marketplaces.

Taxes – only applies to companies in Germany and not to private individuals (please contact your tax advisor for details):

According to Section 6 (1) No. 4 EStG, an asset can be withdrawn in Germany and the residual value (book value) can be claimed for tax purposes as a donation if it is donated to a charitable organization immediately afterwards. The withdrawal of donations in kind from a company that is subject to VAT leads to taxable sales, provided that input tax has been claimed – in full or in part – at the time of purchase. The sales tax is calculated according to the purchase price, not according to the book value (current residual value). The sales tax is shown as profit in the income-surplus-account. However, it is also taken into account increasing donations, i.e. the donation receipt is correspondingly higher. The donation in kind is deductible upon presentation of the donation receipt within the framework of the maximum amounts for income tax and trade tax. Alternatively, you can give away items that have been written off without a donation receipt. Incidentally, Germany is the only country that treats donations in kind so badly from a tax point of view (except for donations of bread through the “bread decree”). Let’s hope that something will change in the long run. We would be happy if companies consider Labdoo.org when it comes to IT donations in kind – despite, or perhaps because of, the tax situation described above.

Proof of use / waiver of warranty
Labdoo.org e.V. issues a legally binding letter to companies confirming the IT donation. At the same time we declare the waiver of any warranty. This can be important for companies to avoid having to set up a provision. In addition, the whereabouts of all donated laptops can be tracked on our homepage and exported to Excel on a daily basis.

11. Are Labdoo projects only abroad?

Admittedly – most of our projects are abroad, but Labdoo also supports many projects in Germany. The focus is on IT donations for home schooling and integration.

12. What happens to defective laptops in the projects? How does Labdoo.org ensure disposal?

If a laptop is defective and cannot be repaired on site, the project contacts Labdoo and requests a free replacement device. A flight sponsor brings the new device on-site and returns the broken device back the same way. If a repair attempt fails or a repair is uneconomical, it will be taken to a certified disposal company. Labdoo.org is very keen to keep the environmental impact as low as possible and to keep the raw materials in circulation.

13. What can I do if I know a school or an aid project that also requires laptops?

On request, Labdoo.org provides free educational laptops for children and young people, schools and educational projects worldwide. An application can be submitted easily and with little effort. However, requirements must be met for acceptance. Foreign projects must, for example, have a state school / NGO certificate or flight sponsors from countries with Labdoo hubs. Read more here …

14. Which regulations have to be observed for transport by plane (IATA), customs and the import of donated laptops?

According to the passenger information of IATA, the international association of airlines, flight sponsors can easily transport laptops with a battery capacity of up to 100 Wh. This is true of almost all laptops.

One to two laptops per flight sponsor usually pass as private use without any problems. In the case of larger deliveries, we recommend that the recipient draw up a letter for presentation to customs stating that it is a free IT donation and, if necessary, have it signed and stamped by other official bodies (e.g. ministries, mayors, churches, etc.). Text suggestions can be downloaded here:

[Dowload letter .odt, LibreOffice / Open Office]
[Dowload letter .docx, Word Format]

Flight sponsors from Germany can print out a confirmation letter in English, French or Spanish and carry the letters with them.

More information for flight or transport sponsors here. Labdoo.org advises not to send larger shipments by air or sea freight. The risk of loss is higher and unfortunately customs / port officials in some countries still charge high so-called “fees”.

15. Are there solutions available for home schooling or integration?

There is a ready-to-use solution especially for home schooling or integration requirements. In addition to over 300 learning and office programs, communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, Jitsi, MS-Teams etc. preinstalled.

16. Why does Labdoo use Linux?

There are many reasons for this. Labdoo receives laptops just because they are not able to run or run very slowly under current Windows operating systems. Under Linux, however, these laptops run very quickly again and can be used for years to come.

Windows licenses are then often tied to a specific company and when the IT is donated, this license loses its validity. Or outdated operating systems are installed that cannot be updated to the latest versions. None of this matters on Linux (Ubuntu). This means that the computers are always up-to-date and equipped with a modern 64-bit operating system.

Then more than 80,000 free apps (software) are available under Linux. From this, Labdoo has selected and pre-installed more than 300 freely available office, learning and home schooling programs. This would not be possible with other operating systems because this variety would not be available or even not available free of charge. All programs used by Labdoo may be used and distributed freely, without illegal pirated copies and without violating any copyright.

Linux is safe. Viruses are a big problem in those countries where most of the Labdoo laptops are used. There are only a few viruses under Linux and the architecture of Linux is inherently “hardened” against virus attacks.

Older operating systems such as Windows XP, 7 or Vista are no longer maintained by Microsoft. They are discontinued. A user no longer receives patches or updates, which leads to major security gaps. Linux is actual patched and safe.

In detail there are more advantages, such as a sophisticated user and rights concept, low hardware requirements, switching the system language for users to the drive and much more. more.

17. Labdoo groups on social media

Homepage https://www.Labdoo.org

18. Newsletter

Due to time constraints and because there were simply too many messages, Labdoo.org (Germany) has discontinued its newsletter for the time being. Please follow us on social media (see above).

19. Glossary

At Labdoo we sometimes use special (artificial) words. Whenever possible, you will find the colloquial terms in the German pages:

Bridging the Gap / Digital gap / digitaler Graben – Labdoo aims to bridge the “digital gap” and to enable education for children and access to IT worldwide.

Dootronic (IT donation) – Laptop, Tablet or reader as IT donation

Dootrip (flight sponsor, Flugpatenschaft) – CO2-neutral transport of IT donations to a school or project by flight or transport sponsors

Edoovillage – school, project

Labdoo Tracking – The Labdoo platform offers every donor the opportunity to follow the path of their IT donation in our portal.

All named brands, brand names and trademarks or logos are the property of their respective owners.