Labdoo in Germany

2012 Labdoo started in Germany

After 2010 in California, the grassroots movement started in Germany at the beginning of 2012. The non-profit organisation e.V. was founded at the beginning of 2013.

According to the Bitkom Association, there is disused IT lying around in nearly every German household. And more and more devices are discarded. Too good to throw away, but too slow for their owners. And this is exactly where Labdoo comes in.

We collect and sanitize discarded laptops and tablets, safely reomove all user data, procure spare parts and repair and register every IT donation. Based on Linux, modern educational, office and communication programs are installed on laptops for learning purposes.

Hundreds of helpers, dropping points (Annahmestellen, hubs), private IT donors or companies and partners join and support Labdoo in Germany.

Right from the start, over half of all global project contributions are coming from Germany – and our volunteers are proud of that.

All our helpers are volunteers and contribute in their free time and free of charge. Our non-profit association e.V. supports our helpers. Our supporting association covers the costs of e.g. spare parts, logistics, project requirements etc. So our helpers don’t have to cover costs with their own money.

The association e.V. also issues certificates (e.g. waiver of guarantee for company donations, donation receipts (Spendenquittungen), etc.), takes part in competitions, manages partner management for project partners or refurbishers for compliance-compliant data deletion for companies.

You can find out more about Labdoo in our project presentation (English presentation PDF | YouTube | Flyer)