Do you own a disused laptop, tablet or reader?

Donate it to Labdoo, via a local hub or parcel service. All data will be securely deleted. The laptop will be repurposed into a powerful educational / home schooling device and delivered to a needy school (minimum requirements, Wiki).

Are you traveling and would like to help carry a laptop to a school?

Whether you are traveling for holidays, for your NGO work or for business, reach out to Labdoo and we will connect you with a school at your destination where you can bring an educational laptop.

Do you need laptops for a school or educational purpose?

Contact Labdoo and submit an application. Labdoo will be happy to provide refurbished IT donations for educational purposes and digital participation.

You have any question? Get in contact with us.

Click the contact button, get in contact with a Labdoo hub in Germany or text us 0176 46 29 78 46

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Register in the Labdoo platform to start tagging laptops and helping schools around the world

Choose among many different ways to help

You own one or more laptops, tablets or eBook readers at home or in your company? They are disused and lying around for a long time? Then donate it to Labdoo.

Send us a message, if possible with the model name of your IT donation. Then we can check whether your IT donation meets our minimum requirements.

Or contact one of our dropping points (Annahmestellen, Hubs) in Germany.

Help a child with your IT donation to gain access to education and digital participation!

Read more in our wiki for IT donors.

Are you traveling privately or professionally? Would you like to help as a flight sponsor to bring a laptop to a school and children?

Click here to reach out to Labdoo and we will connect you with a school at your destination where you can deliver a Labdoo laptop or return a broken laptop to Germany for repair or recycling.

Happy dootrips!

A school or project at home or abroad needs digital devices for home schooling, integration, etc.? Or a needy family or you yourself need learning laptops, tablets or eBooks?

Then point out Labdoo to the school, project or family or get in contact with Labdoo. Submit an application as a school / project or as a needy family or pupil. We will be happy to help.

Spread the idea

Do you like our concept, would you like to make it better known and tell others about it?

Explain the Labdoo concept to your friends, share your experiences at Labdoo, tag us on your social media, and help grow the Labdoo Family.

Create a Labdoo Hub in your city

Are you interested in helping provide education to those children most in need?

You can create your own Labdoo hub from your home, your work, your NGO, your high school or university.

Collaboration with Companies

Is your company going  to retire laptops?

These could make a difference in the life of many children, by a unique opportunity to get access to IT, education and a better future. Labdoo (Germany) offers special support for companies, such as

Help translate our website or lend your voice for our explanatory video

Are you good with languages?

Help the Labdoo project by translating the platform, manuals, videos, etc…Help Labdoo reach out to even more people

Recycle your broken laptop

If your Laptop is already broken and cannot be fixed, please bring it to the closest recycling facility so that its components can be properly disposed

The Labdoo platform is implemented in PhP, JavaScript code, mySQL database, Drupal CMS and WordPress.
The Labdoo source code is developed by software engineers who contribute their time out of goodwill and as a contribution to the social cause promoted by the project.
If you want to join the Labdoo software development team as unpaid volunteer only (“pro-bono”), send us an email at