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Do you have a Laptop,PC, eBook reader that you no longer use?

Contribute it by using the Labdoo platform. All existing data will be securely deleted and the laptop will be repurposed into a powerful educational device and delivered to a needy school.

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Are you traveling and would like to help carry a laptop to a school?

Whether you are traveling for holidays, for your NGO work or for business, reach out to Labdoo and we will connect you with a school at your destination where you can bring an educational laptop.

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Do you need laptops for a school or educational center?

We will be happy to support you by providing reused educational laptops free of any charge.

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Do you want to create your own Labdoo hub or have any questions?

Create your own hub, create local campaigns in your community, spread awareness… there is always a way you can help!

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Be part of this amazing adventure

Register in the Labdoo platform to start tagging laptops and helping schools around the world

Choose among many different ways to help

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Are you traveling and would like to help transport a laptop to a school?

Click here to reach out to Labdoo and we will connect you with a school at your destination where you can deliver a Labdoo laptop.

Happy dootrips!

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Spread the idea

Do you enjoy sharing meaningful stories?

Explain the Labdoo concept to your friends, share your experiences at Labdoo, tag us on your social media, and help grow the Labdoo Family.
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Create a Labdoo Hub in your city

Are you interested in helping provide education to those children most in need?

You can create your own Labdoo hub from your home, your work, your NGO, your high school or university.

Corporate Social Respolability icon

Collaboration with Companies

Is your company going  to retire laptops?

These could make a difference in the life of many children. Check out our CSR packages and reach out to us.

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Implement the circular economy in your own town

Check out our Labdoo for Cities program

Find out how you can help people in your own neighborhood by helping eliminate the digital divide

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Help translate

Are you good with languages?

Help the Labdoo project by translating the platform, manuals, videos, etc…Help Labdoo reach out to even more people

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Recycle your broken laptop

If your Laptop is already broken and cannot be fixed, please bring it to the closest recycling facility so that its components can be properly disposed