Sanitation Guide: Fast Restoration Method (Labtix)



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Labdoo recommends installing by cloning images and using the installation tool Labtix, contributed by Labdoo volunteers. Labtix is freely available and can be used by anyone. Labtix runs on any laptop as a 32 bit ISO image and is able to clone both 32 and 64 bit images.

Labtix comes with different installation methods that can be found directly on its desktop and you can choose from to perform your deployment:

  • "2-click" installer: running the file manger SpaceFM your can start cloning images with just 2 clicks.
  • Auto deploy and content installer: complete, very powerful , terminal / script based installation tool, also automatically deploys the language specific content in a single execution
  • Labdoo installer: coming with an easy to use Graphical user interface (GUI)

On the Labtix desktop you will find a red folder "Docs" with the user manuals as PDF, although we strongly recommend to watch the YouTube video tutorials first.

All video tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel and on our FTP server

Note for advanced users:

Labtix has a persistence mode in which you can modify its configuration by yourself and save the changes. You act as the root user in fact. The password is "labdoo". But be careful, as root you can "damage" Labtix or inflate it with too many changes. The default Labtix fits on a CD. The ISO snapshot tool also allows you to create a new ISO file that will handle any changes to the system.

In some rare cases Labtix may not start up or get stuck on terminal level (the desktop does not appear) or the monitor may stay dark. In these rare cases try the options in Failsafe Mode or Safe Video Mode. This will also be explained in the above mentioned YouTube tutorial and presented in the next pages.

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