Creation of a Labtix Bootable USB



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1. Download Labtix.iso

Start by downloading and installing the FileZilla FTP client application from here:

Then, start FileZilla and connect to the Labdoo FTP server using these parameters (see also Figure 1):

Host: s
User: labdoo
Password: labdoo
Port: 22

Figure 1. Use the parameters shown in this screenshot to connect to the Labdoo FTP server with FileZilla.

In the 'remote side' window in FileZilla, go to the folder /var/www/download/install-disk. Inside this folder, you will find the file Labtix.iso. Right-click on this file with your mouse and select the option 'Download'. This action will download the file in your local computer.

2. Create a bootable USB with Labtix.iso

Download the Universal USB Installer from this link:

Run this application by double clicking on the downloaded file. You will see the following screen, where you will need to accept the license agreement:

Figure 2. Download and run the Universal USB Installer and accept the license agreement.

Next, insert a blank USB pendrive into one of the USB ports in your computer. We recommend that this USB pendrive has at least 2GB of storage. Note that all the content in the pendrive will be erased, so be sure to make a copy of any relevant data in it.

Then, fill in the fields in the next screen by using the values shown in the next figure. As shown, in Step 2 please select the Labtix.iso file previously downloaded and also in Step 3 select the corresponding USB pendrive:

Figure 3. Use the parameters shown in this screenshot to create the bootable USB pendrive.

Continue by accepting all the next screens as shown in the next figures:

Figure 4. Accept this screen.

Figure 5. Accept this screen too.

That's it. Now you have a bootable USB pendrive with the Labtix ISO. Go to the next wiki page to continue the sanitation process.

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