Dootronics not going anywhere?


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Hey everyone,
A few months ago, I tagged two laptops (sanitized one of them) and gave them - together with the needed forms - to a local AfB shop.
But since then, the status of the dootronics was not updated, they are still just "tagged" - does it always take that long, or what happened to the laptops? Any way to find that out? :/


imatge de Rhein-Ruhr-Hub
Enviat per Rhein-Ruhr-Hub el dc., 05/22/2019 - 18:12

Dear Tauri,
it depends. You got the option to send or bring your laptops directly to a hub. AfB collects laptops over several weeks/months before sending them to Labdoo or waits until a local hub helper is at AfB shop. So it might last a while until Labdoo helpers can proceed your laptops.
Aside that, I cannot see at which AfB shop you dropped your dionations. So I am not able to check the status with a certain AfB shop.
Thank you for your contribution. (Germany)

imatge de Rhein-Ruhr-Hub
Enviat per Rhein-Ruhr-Hub el dj., 05/23/2019 - 06:39

Yes, I can contact them. You can also send the Labdoo IDs to Labdoo-DACH (ät), so I can look for them. Usually Labdoo Stuttgart sends donated laptops to Labdoo Hub Rhein-Ruhr. As AfB covers all costs for this contribution they wait until they got several laptops, so it is more efficient to send them.
And at Labdoo hub we check, repair, look for spare parts etc. This may again last a while, as we work on several 1.000 IT donations a year.
Thank you, (Deutschland)