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You are invited to join the international session at the Labdoo Conference 2017

Dear hub managers,

(This message is sent to all of you who manage hubs, via the Labdoo Coffee Team Wall and by selecting the sharing option for "only hub managers").

As you know, tomorrow Saturday (October 21) we will hold the Labdoo Conference 2017 in Barcelona. During the conference, we have an international session to be held from 16:35​​ to 17:20 Barcelona time. As hub managers, you are all invited to join as online to share your ideas.

One Action One Thank you

As suggested by Wendy, i am initiating a team conversation here as a placeholder for us to put the Thank You Messages we received from those who benefit from the Labdoo project. This will allow us to track in a centralized place all the "Thank you" notes and at the same time share them openly through this wall. It was agreed in this conversation that in the future we will implement a feature in the platform to allow these messages be linked to their edoovillage, tagged and searched from the platform.

Messages of gratitude

Hi all,

From time to time we receive thank you messages that can be very wonderful and touching. Some time ago Frank from Hub Zurich suggested the idea to create a place where we could add these sentences so others could get to know about them. This idea is similar to the concept of "Labdoo Stories" but used only for short and quick gratitude messages.

I have created a temporary document where we can all add these wonderful sentences. If anyone sends you a thank you note, please add it to this document:

Labdoo Code of Conduct (CoC)

Dear Labdoo Team

Recently I had a very unpleasant experience with a group of people who pushed me to give them laptops for one of their projects.

I had to say NO because they did not fulfill the initial requirements. Nevertheless especially one person got angry and was fighting back. This did go on including a nasty phone call. I was coming close to explode because of their stubbornness and some nasty words were flying back and forth.

Implement sliding window in database backups

Back ups of the Labdoo database are becoming too large. There is no need to keep so many of them for indefinite amount of time taking space from our server SSD drive. Implement a sliding window of back ups (say the last 5 days).

Something like this: