Edoovillage #1868 - Togo, Vogan: Computer center for pupils education Vo-Koutimé



Edoovillage #1868 - Togo, Vogan: Computer center for pupils education Vo-Koutimé


Vogan , M
6° 21' 33.768" N, 1° 33' 42.8472" E
Maritime TG
Coordination de hub(s): 
Brève description du projet: 
Computer center for pupils education Vo-Koutimé
Nombre d'enseignants/professeurs: 
Nombre d'élèves/étudiants: 
1 391
On-site point of contact: 

4.1. Name: GUEFE Akomola (The Headmaster of school)
4.2. Phone: +228 90 27 79 38
4.3. Email: akomolaguefe@gmail.com
4.4. Physical address (street, city, zip code, country...): The project site is located within the premises of the Vo-Koutimé
high school in the prefecture of Vo in Togo.
- Street: Vo-koutimé
- City: Vogan
- Zip code: +228
- Country: Togo

Description de projet: 

High school of Vo-Koutimé is a grammar school in a rural area of Togo, which was created in 1976. After many years
on life, the need of teaching computer courses is growing worldwide and our school does not need to remain as the last
educational institution in which there is no computer. When we received your contact details, we didn’t hesitate to
contact your institution. Our main objective is to assist our children for the future with technical education. Because of
the lack of IT-material in our school, we need the assistance of Labdoo to go ahead in the fight against digital gap. Our
spaces are enough to receive IT-material for training our pupils in IT. In order to promote an adequate education,
quality and initiation to computers to the pupils of the general school of Vo-koutimé, the NGO DRVR-TOGO in
collaboration with association of parents of pupils and specially the teachers of the said school want to acquire the
computer equipment(laptop and others) to open a computer center the premises. Once its laptops are installed, they will
initially serve as a computer room for the pupils and also a research and lesson projection center.

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Nombre de dootronics nécessaire: 
Notes additionnelles sur les dootronics: 
5. Claimed IT equipment Number of Laptops needed: 43 Number of eBook Reader needed: 28 Others needed (Tablet-PCs etc.): no - Printer: 1 - Scanner: 1 - Copier: 1 - Video projector: 2 - Wi-Fi router: 2 - Sweet for Wi-Fi: 2 8. Electricity in the room: (Voltage and plug/socket type, e.g. type A, B, C, D, etc. see following link for explanation of types: voltage power 220 V, amperage: 10 Ampere, type C http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AC_power_plugs_and_sockets) 9. Does the room have access to the Internet? [Yes] 9.1. Is the access via wireless or cable? Cable
Langue(s) locale(s): 
Douille de tension: 
220-240 Volts
Type de Socket(douille): 
Type de connexion Internet: 
Notes internet additionnelles: 
They hope to get a wireless router
Date it was created: 02/09/20/
Date it was last updated: 02/09/20


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