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Calculate environmental impact of dootrips

We are calculating the environmental impact by the re-used computers, but not by the CO2 saved by dootrips. But the number of dootrips is increasing and now we have a base to proof the impact.

How about taking the impact by dootrips into account? I was not able to find the CO2 being produced by transportation by flight of one kg freight and km. Maybe you are luckier.

But we could add all dootrips (most of them are flight, only some are by car or container) similar as:

Implement a cache to store geolocation queries

Currently we are exceeding our daily quota of queries (we use the Google Geolocation API for that, which allows us o do 2500 queries per day). We submitted an application to the Google for Non-Profit Program which if accepted will give us a much higher quota. This has been submitted and is now being reviewed by Google.

Cartell Labdoo al camio d'un labdooer

Bon dia,

L'Enric, amic i membre de l'equip Labdoo a Catalunya, es dedica al transport i te varis camions. Resulta que ara en te un de nou de camio, l'ha de pintar i ha tingut la maca idea de voler-lo pintar amb els colors i el missatge de Labdoo.

Hem creat aquest dibuix, pero tambe m'ha demanat que ho poses aqui al mur per tal que vosaltres tambe dongueu la vostra opinio. Que us sembla el missatge? canviarieu alguna paraula?

Spanish translation of the Labdoo's manual

I wanted to let you know about the great work that Leidy from Labdoo Hub in Colombia has done in helping to translate the whole "Labdoo - How it Works" Manual to Spanish.

Here is the Spanish translation that she has created:

And here is the original English version:

Ordenadors per sanejar

Bon dia a tots,

Hola som el hub de recollida de itnig (carrer alaba 61,5-2) i tenim portàtils que s'han de sanejar. Qualsevol Hub que necesiti portàtils per sanejar que vingui a buscar-los!! En tenim uns 4-5, que no es quedin aqui... jajaj Gràcies!! Salut!!

Estem oberts en horari d'oficina, de 9h a 19h.