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Video explicativo español para el proyecto Labdoo disponibles | Spanish explanatory video available for the Labdoo project

Video explicativo español para el proyecto Labdoo disponibles | Spanish explanatory video available for the Labdoo project | Das Labdoo Erklärvideo gibt es jetzt auch auf Spanisch.

Translation of Dootrip Flyer

Hi, this should also take only a few minutes, when you have some time, could you help translating this flyer to your languages? i have created the templates so you can pick your language and directly do the translation on your corresponding Google Doc below, thanks:

English (already translated):

Add hubs to dootrips?

Hi Jordi,

actually you are able to assign single or multiple users to a dootrip (if you know their user names), but not hubs or branches. Sometimes it would make things easier to be able to assign one or more hubs contributing laptops to a dootrip.

E.g. actually I am adding my user to be involved in the dootrip process. But I am a contributing hub, not the dootripper. Or I create a dootrip, but laptops will be delivered by another hub. I have to know the user name behind the hub to involve him. If I would be able to assign a hub it would be much easier.

Link front page slider images with their corresponding edoovillages

Right now the front page images are not linked to any content. It would be nice to link them to their actual edoovillages, this way visitors can click on the images and quickly go to one example edoovillage so they can get a better/more practical idea about what Labdoo is about and learn more about that nice picture.

Add an edoovillage ID no?

Hi Jordi,
contributing to several hundreds of projects the project partners and myself is focussing the problem how to identify and communicate the other partner, which project we are talking about. Often I receive a mail "Hi, here are the pictures..." and I have to research the edoovillage by looking for the email address or other data. I ask since a long time either to add the link or thethe title of the project. But this is not used.

Have you got any IDEAS for the next Conference?

Hi everybody,

As you know we (the Catalonia Team) are working on the next conference to be held in Barcelona on October 21st 2017 and we are open to participation from everybody willing to help.

We are thinking on holding work group discussions in the afternoon, about 10 people each work group, and we would like you to propose subjects you would like to work on. For example, we could have a "Recycling and sustainability" group", "Outreaching and Awareness", "Software Platform", or "Refugees support", etc.

user complaints user interface

I received some (minor) user complaints, which I am routing through to you:

The links on the top of the page are hard to read (dark grey, small letters on light grey background), if you are 20 years old and your eyes are as well 20 it might work... I know space is a problem, but maybe you can use our colours and bold?

Translate the figures into German (add to po(?) files) and make the words working as links to the dash-boards:
9971 Dootronics tagged 6741 Delivered 875 Schools 249782 Students 187 Hubs 137649 Kg CO2 saved 119 Länder