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Access to scrapbook?

Hi Jordi,

users reported problems, to upload pictures to the scrapbook of an edoovillage, even they have the right to edit the edoovillage itself. It seems to be a separated check (access edoovillage and access scrapbook)? Please check and enable access to scrapbook for those users as well, which have access right to the edoovillage.

Thanks, Ralf

notification mails in the language of users?

Hi Jordi,

I know that deep in the wish list for Labdoo there is a task to redesign the text and usage of notification mails. But maybe there is an easier way to solve the need. Remember the mail from today (24.04.) from Kenya complaining about receiving too many mails? It was mainly because he received German mails.

user complaints user interface

I received some (minor) user complaints, which I am routing through to you:

The links on the top of the page are hard to read (dark grey, small letters on light grey background), if you are 20 years old and your eyes are as well 20 it might work... I know space is a problem, but maybe you can use our colours and bold?

Translate the figures into German (add to po(?) files) and make the words working as links to the dash-boards:
9971 Dootronics tagged 6741 Delivered 875 Schools 249782 Students 187 Hubs 137649 Kg CO2 saved 119 Länder

Translation to spanish

Hello everyone.

I want to share with you guys that is already done the translation to the book "Information for Edoovillages (Schools)" to spanish version.ón-para-edoovillages-escuelas

I will continue with the translation in the order the wiki has in English

- Information for labdoo hubs
- Labdoo for cities
- Labdoo Global Support
- Labdoo Stories
- Labdoo Toolkit
- Source code / Development team

Labdoo Translations for Dutch

Hi Joey,

Thank you very much for joining Project Labdoo and for offering to help with the translations to Dutch. This is a new language in the platform so we appreciate even more your help. Also another big thank you to Leidy from Colombia who made the connections with you.

Everyone, i want to introduce Joey, who is a network engineer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and who recently reached out to us offering help with the translations and possibly laptop donations from his country.

Add Edoovillage Name and Link to CSV export

As dootrips allow to mix laptops of several edoovillages it would be helpful to add edoovillage link (the one with the link built from the project name, not the one with the number) and maybe also the edoovillage name in 2 new columns. This makes more clear for dootrippers, which laptop has to be delivered to which project. Maybe as well add the dootrip link.

To show the project link behind each laptop in the dootrip page is not necessary, but CSV export would be great.