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I am a wheelchair using helper from Germany and Ralph ask me to address you 1st to let you know that I am coming.

I will only need accessible locations and no special facilities. Also I will bring my own assistant with me.

Please let me know the exact date so that I can put my things together.

Thank you


1000 Escoles!

Tot just fa una mica més de 24 hores, el Projecte Labdoo ha arribat a la fita de 1000 escoles! Aquest missatge és per agrair a tots/tes els membres del Labdoo Team Catalonia que creieu cada dia en el projecte i poseu la vostra llavor per tal que tot sigui possible. Cada vegada que expliqueu el projecte, cada vegada que contribuiu/rescateu un portàtil o tauleta, cada vegada que etiqueteu o sanejeu, cada vegada que feu un viatge/dootrip, tot suma en crear la cadena humana global per fer arribar l'educacio als llocs més necessitats.

Gràcies i felicitats, toca celebrar-ho!

new algorithm completing dootrips autmatically

Here is the reminder :) Ralf
I have also been thinking about automating this process. Right now the algorithm automatically sends 3 friendly email reminders (on days 5, 10 and 15 after the dootrip has passed) to ask the dootripper to update the register (completed or cancelled). This is explained here:

notification mails in the language of users?

Hi Jordi,

I know that deep in the wish list for Labdoo there is a task to redesign the text and usage of notification mails. But maybe there is an easier way to solve the need. Remember the mail from today (24.04.) from Kenya complaining about receiving too many mails? It was mainly because he received German mails.

add departure date to dootrip lists

Hi Jordi,

for contributing and checking dootrips the departure date is important. I know how to add it to e.g. the dootrip dashboard. But please consider to add a column for the departure date as default to the dootrip list in dashboard.

And please add at each edoovillage in its dootrips list (yellow button) the departure date. Thanks,


Default view of dootrip dashboard

Hi Jordi,

actually the dootrip dashboard is sorted by default by the dootrip number (sequence of creating the dootrips). But the date (time of departure) is more important, as this defines a dead-line and the sequence of work to be done.

First thing I do each day is to add the column "departure" and to sort by this departure date (most future date on top). Please check if this view could be used as default view?

For my daily work I also filter for dootrips leaving from Germany. Then I have a perfect task list to see the open dootrip to be delivered laptops to.

Have you got any IDEAS for the next Conference?

Hi everybody,

As you know we (the Catalonia Team) are working on the next conference to be held in Barcelona on October 21st 2017 and we are open to participation from everybody willing to help.

We are thinking on holding work group discussions in the afternoon, about 10 people each work group, and we would like you to propose subjects you would like to work on. For example, we could have a "Recycling and sustainability" group", "Outreaching and Awareness", "Software Platform", or "Refugees support", etc.

Translation of Labdoo menus and other improvements


As you know, one of the important missing translation components is the Labdoo menus, as they show only in English regardless if you select a different language. This has been a long standing remaining item and finally we are now ready to translate it thanks to some internal improvements in the Labdoo workflow.

So i wanted to ask to those of you who have been helping out translating Labdoo, if you could please translate the following simple words to your language of choice (please do the translation directly in the following Google doc):

Correctly mapping translated pages

Hello team,

As you may know supporting multiple languages in a collaborative manner is complex in that we need both (1) a simple way for translator helpers like you to create content and (2) a convenient/simple way for visitors and users of the platform to move from one page to another for all possible languages. Reconciling both requirements is often complex.

To improve the workflow, we now have a new algorithm/table to help better map some of the Labdoo pages to their correct translations.