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Sequence of search text influences results; AND or OR?

You must know the exact sequence of search expressions, otherwise you will get none or wrong results, e.g.

Searching for "Pro L20" will bring correct results. Search for "L20 Pro" will deliver no hits.

Same problem, if there would been another word between "l20" and "Pro", no hits would be deliver. Same as "IBM T60" or "Lenovo T60" delivers no results, even there are many in the database.

I would expect "Pro L20" to be interpreted as "Pro" AND "L20" and the sequence should not matter.

Tried also "Pro * L20", "Pro*L20" etc., no results.

Nou Labdoo Hub a Granollers

Hola a tothom,

Us fem saber que a partir d'ara gracies a la Paz disposem d'un nou hub a la ciutat de Granollers.

La Paz es mestre d'informatica a l'escola Educem. Els seus estudiants ja feien practiques instal.lant el sistema operatiu Ubuntu a ordinadors, per tant ara faran el mateix pero el seu resultat ajudara a fer arribar l'educacio a altres escoles necessitades.

Si viviu per la zona de granollers i teniu ordinadors portatils en desus, els podeu portar a l'adreça d'aquest nou hub:

New page on responses to dootronics donors

We are getting now a bit more volume on people who are traveling and want to contribute with a dootrip. This people go to and click on the green button "Contribute a trip". So to speed up the answer to these contributions, i created the following wiki page where we can store the template answers:

I added English and Catalan template answers. Feel free to add other translations.

Fix wiki errors in development nodes

Go to you will see the error: 'Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in node_page_title() (line 2202 of /var/www/lbd/modules/node/node.module).'

It appears that somewhere we are passing the node UD to node_page_title() instead of an actual node.

Adding this code:

function node_page_title($node) {
if(!property_exists($node, 'title'))
return $node->title;

Will print this message:


Implement a cache to help reduce number of geolocation queries

Even after increasing our quota limits using the geolocation API key from Google (see, we are still reaching the limit of 2500 queries a day (see attached screenshots of the geolocation developers dashboard). To resolve this i am going to implement a caching algorithm for geolocation queries which should substantially reduce the effective number of queries.

Join Labdoo Button

Hi Jordi,

It is a very strange problem.

I try to get our volunteers familiar with the Labdoo home page, so I come up quiz questions on the Labdoo home page to have our volunteers fill up during our QA session. One of the questions is "What's the first action to take when you first visit Labdoo website?" and the hint is the blue button.