Information for Labdoo Hubs (Laptop Collection/Sanitizing Points)


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Labdoo is a global collaborative platform that operates in a decentralized and flat structure. Decentralization is important to ensure a sustainable and organic growth, since hierarchies tend to generate bottlenecks and often add management overheads. This means that when it comes to taking action to help bring education to children and reduce electronic waste, everyone can participate: the young, the adults or the elderly, from anywhere and even if you only have 5 minutes or a few hours of spare time.

In its simplest way, you can participate as an individual (for instance, by sanitizing your own laptop once you no longer use it) as part of the grassroots process. All contributions you make as an individual will go to a default hub called the Grassroots Hub. But if you decide that you want to unite forces with friends and accomplish more, you can create your own Labdoo Hub. As part of a hub, you will have some additional tools that will help you manage your inventory and increase your presence within the platform to better outreach local and global communities.

In this wiki book you will find all the necessary information you need to know about Labdoo hubs. The contents of this book is structured in three different parts as follows:

  • Information for all hubs. This is a common section applicable to all Labdoo hubs. Read this section to get a general idea of the tasks a Labdoo Hub performs.
  • Information for School Hubs. This section is specific to Labdoo hubs that are implemented by schools, typically high schools but also universities and colleges.
  • Labdoo for Cities. This section describes the Labdoo for Cities program, which consists in implementing the Labdoo workflow in your own city or village, involving the local town hall to collect laptops from the citizens and your local schools to help sanitize them.

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Information for All Hubs

Information for School Hubs