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Semaphore for hubs / branches

Hi Jordi,

Please add a semaphore to visualize the status of a hub or a branch:

green: hub/branch open and working
yellow: hub/branch temporary closed, no donation can be accepted/send-in
red: hub closed/inactive, looking for a new helper taking care of this hub/branch

Please add the semaphore also as a small green, yellow or red dot to the dashboard of hubs/branches and (if possible) to the results shown in filtering the Global inventory?

Flag and filter dootrip loaded?

Hi Jordi,
handling many dootrips it is sometimes difficult to see at a glance, which dootrip needs laptops to be assigned and which is "fully loaded". Can you set internally a flag "loaded" and add this as a filter criteria for dootrips dash board? If the "capacity" is equal "transported" or "in transit"? Then I can remove those dootrip, which don't need any additional laptops. Thanks.

Click on "Current-mini-mission" nor working from accounts page

Hi Jordi,
I was logged in and on my account page. Language of the website was set to german.
When I clicked on the displayed "Current-mini-mission" the link did not work. I guess because (de/)user was part of the link?!

I attached 2 screenshots.


New feature to help grant edit rights

Hi team,

I have implemented a new feature to help give edit rights to other users in a more fine-grained manner. This feature allows you to give other users the right to edit a specific wiki page. Ralf had asked about this feature because he has a friend (Olesya) who is helping to translate Labdoo to Russian but Olesya was worried about having too much access to the wiki and potentially breaking some of the existing content. With this feature, Ralf can grant Olesya access to only those pages that Olesya needs to help translate.