News Open Educational Ressources (OER) for French (FR), Spanish (ES) and Portuguese (PT)


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Good news, the team of Labdoo hub Munich (München) Germany found new OER in 3 languages (ES, FR, PT). The content increased from about 4 GB to 40 GB for each of the 3 languages, which offers schools and pupils much more eductaional content and video tutorials. So we recommend you should install and use these several 1.000 ebooks and videos for the schools for your projects.

You can find the OER archives ready to use here

Labdoo hub Rhein-Ruhr (Germany) already integrated the ES and FR content into the images for cloning. As the content increased, also the size of the images did...

For a short time you will find Spanish and French images fitting to min. 80 GB AND to min. 120 GB disc size in parallel on our FTP server:
But we need your feedback - without any reply of yours those ES/FR 80 GB images (fitting to a min. 80 GB disc-drive) will be removed and not further maintained soon.

Maintaining and uploading several images always takes a long time. And our resources are limited. So we have to limit number of images for cloning and drop images used not frequently.

But we (here in Germany) are not aware, which kind of laptops you get donated at your hub. Do donated laptops come often with 120 GB disc drivess or larger? Or do many donated laptops have a 80 GB disc drive or smaller? Depending on your feedback we might extend support for the ES/FR 80 GB images for some time.

Thank you
Ralf (Germany)