Get the Labdoo features you always wanted on Labdoo mobile app and help to improve the Labdoo platform

[Sorry to those of you who have already received this message, there was an error and most of you did not receive it.]

Dear Labdooer,

I am a student of the Beuth University of Applied Science in Berlin, finishing my Master’s degree in Computer Science. As part of my Master’s Thesis I am writing a concept for a new Labdoo mobile app.

I will also program a prototype of the Labdoo mobile app which later on will be completed and made available to all of you who use Labdoo. As anything done in Labdoo, this work is non-profit, the code I will develop will be openly available, and the app will be free for everyone and designed to serve the Labdoo cause.

Because once completed this app will be important to make the Labdoo humanitarian and educational cause more efficient, transparent and fun, i have been given permission to email you directly as I need a few minutes of your time to help me design the app in a way that it will work best for all of you. Your experiences and ideas can be really helpful to make the Labdoo app a useful tool in our cause to bring educational laptops to schools.

So shape the app now by submitting the questionnaire!

Please submit your answers until 4th of April. Even better: kindly do it now so this way you don’t forget :).

Link to Questionnaire:

Depending on how many Labdoo roles you perform and how much input you want to give you will need 10-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

The last part is a user experience test, which will help us to evaluate if the app (after completion) has increased the usability or not. So please kindly answer the user experience questions, even if they might seem a bit tedious, they are actually quite valuable to help design the app properly.

I would really like to ask that every single labdooer answers the questionnaire, please. Your opinion counts and is very valuable for Labdoo so we can write our code in a way that helps you the most!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at:

Thank you all!