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This section describes how to use the file manager SpaceFM to clone images in just 2 clicks.

  • Start the file manager SpaceFM by double clicking on the icon on the Labtix desktop.
  • Mount the drive, where the images are located to be cloned.
    • Using an external USB drive: plug it in, the drive appears in the drive list with a - in front of it, click on the entry, the "-" becomes a "+".
    • Using a server: go to Plugins → MountShare → Scan, enter manually the IP address of the server, choose the share (optional), enter user and password → Mount.
    • This will mount the drive / server, now you have access to this drive.
  • Open the folder with the images.
  • Right click on the folder containing the image to be installed.
  • Click on "Labdoo Image Installer" in the displayed functions list.
  • In the next window:
    • Leave the hook at "Shred sda" (disk will be overwritten 3 times) or remove the hook (disk will not be deleted, e.g. if shred was run before).
    • Optional: enter host ID, if already known (otherwise this can be changed after the installation)
  • The image is now being copied to the internal hard drive sda.
  • At the end, GParted opens for control to display the finished partition on sda. The entire disk space should be made available. Close GParted. In rare cases, the automatic adjustment of the partition does not work. Then this can be adjusted manually.
  • The window confirming the installation appears, confirm and close with "ok".
  • The successful installation is also confirmed in the terminal, close with “Enter”.
  • The installation is finished. Labtix can be shut down with "Poweroff" or "Save Poweroff" and the computer can be restarted.

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