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¿Quién puede crear y administrar Edoovillages?

La creación de edoovillages se limita a personas que pertenecen a un hub, voluntarios a largo plazo que saben cómo funcionan las cosas y ayudar a la siguiente persona en el proceso, esta es la forma en que de alguna manera el trabajo, hay siempre diferentes personas a cargo de cada paso de el proceso. Alguien en la organización crea el edoovillage y alguien más en el campo es responsable en el destino: informa sobre las necesidades y sobre la recepción de dootronics. Es recomendable que estas dos funciones sean realizadas por dos personas diferentes.

Writing a message to all hub and/or edoovillage managers

From time to time we need to send a message to all hub and/or edoovillage managers. For instance, when there is an announcement to be made about a new platform feature or a new release of the Labdoo educational software images. This can be done from the special Team called "The Coffee Shop": https://www.labdoo.org/content/coffee-shop/activities

To write a message to reach out to all hub and/or edoovillage managers, do as follows:

Who Can Create and Manage Edoovillages?

The creation of edoovillages is restricted to people who belong to a hub, long term volunteers who know how things work and help the following person in the process, this is they way we somehow work, there are allways different people in charge of every step of the process. Someone in the organization creates the edoovillage and someone else in the field is responsible at the destination: informs about the needs and about dootronics reception. It's advisable that these two roles are played by two different persons.