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Dootronic ID Country Status Model Serial number Weight
000015831 Spain [S6] Recycled Packard Bell MS2285 LXBFK02004945B06252200/SNID94572477322
000016225 Spain [S6] Recycled Acer Aspire 5100 series modelo BL51 LXABH050796230129B1601
000016615 Spain [S6] Recycled Dell Latitude/131L (01)07898349890528/(01)07898349891747
000017446 Spain [S5] Waiting to be repaired or recycled AIRIS KIRA N10040 N10040120409210
000017817 Spain [S6] Recycled HP pavilion enterteneiment CNF9273QK7
000018010 Spain [S5] Waiting to be repaired or recycled Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile YKLM046831
000018180 Ghana [S4] Deployed and being used Sony Vaio VGN-N11M/ PCG-7T2M 2-893-881-11 3.10Kgms
000018181 Spain [S6] Recycled HP pavilion enterteneiment CND005224J
000019597 Spain [S0] Tagged with a Labdoo ID Dell Inspiron I8200 6J039 A01 LBL/ 04T176-12961-32I 3141


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