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Dootronics Welcome Package

When bringing laptops and tablets to a school, make sure you also deliver one printed copy of the "Dootronics Welcome Package".

The following links will allow you to download each of the documents that are part of the welcome package. Please print each of these three documents, put them inside an envelope and deliver them at your destination school together with the laptops/tablets.

Welcome Message to Labdoo Hubs

When creating a new hub, send this welcome message to the new hub managers. Copy the message below into an email, substitute the keywords $HUBMANAGERNAME and $LINKTOTHENEWHUB for the name of the hub managers and the URL link to their newly created hub, respectively, and then send the message to the hub managers.



Thank you for joining Project Labdoo as a Hub Manager and welcome aboard. Here is a link to your hub:


Please review the following information to make sure it is correct.