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About Hubs

Everybody can be a participant in the Labdoo network by performing actions to help spread education around the globe. When one or more of the participants act together regularly, they can optionally create their own Labdoo Hub. A hub is mainly a group of people that get together from time to time to carry activities such as collecting and sanitizing unused laptops, organizing dootrips, recycling technology, or carrying out outreaching activities, among others.

Creating New Hubs

Labdoo users who have the "superhub" role assigned are allowed to create new Labdoo hubs. (For information on what a hub is, please refer to the Hubs Section in the 'Values and Principles' wiki book.) The process of creating a new Labdoo hub is as follows:

Information Labdoo Hubs

In diesem Wiki findet ihr Informationen für bereits bestehende Hubs, aber auch für HelferInnen, die überlegen, ein neues Labdoo Hub in ihrer Region aufzubauen - erprobte Ideen, "best-practice" Aktionen zur Gewinnung neuer IT-Spender und HelferInnen, Werkzeuge u.v.a. mehr.