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El Hubs Labdoo

A la xarxa humanitaria Labdoo tothom pot participar en la tasca d'ajudar a difondre l'educació arreu del món. Quan un o més dels participants actuen junts amb regularitat des d'una mateixa zona geogràfica, poden crear el seu propi Hub Labdoo.

Managing Your Hub Notification Triggers

As a hub manager, you will have the capability to activate some triggers allowing you to automatically receive notifications upon certain events that might be of interest to your hub operations. To manage your notification triggers, click first on 'My account' to go to your account page. From there, click on the 'Edit profile' tab. This will open your profile configuration page. In that page, scroll down until you see the section 'Hub manager notifications'.

Welcome Message to Labdoo Hubs

When creating a new hub, send this welcome message to the new hub managers. Copy the message below into an email, substitute the keywords $HUBMANAGERNAME and $LINKTOTHENEWHUB for the name of the hub managers and the URL link to their newly created hub, respectively, and then send the message to the hub managers.



Thank you for joining Project Labdoo as a Hub Manager and welcome aboard. Here is a link to your hub:


Please review the following information to make sure it is correct.

Workshop Feedback Form

Some hubs use this template to collect monthly feedback from their team members. Feel free to use it too.

Labdoo monthly meetup feedback form:


1) What were your main takeaways from today’s meeting?

Sample Sanitation Workshop

When you carry a laptop sanitation workshop, it's a good practice to organize your own workflow to ensure there is a proper coordination of the various tasks among your team members. While there are many different ways to do this and you can certainly be creative, here is a sample sanitation workshop template that you can use as a reference.

Information for School Hubs

Labdoo hubs can exist in many different places (at your home, at your work, as part of your NGO work, etc.). This wiki section is dedicated to hubs which are created within the premises of a school.

Labdoo School Hubs are the Labdoo Hubs which is run by students (for example, at a high school) with the supervision of adults.

Managing a Labdoo School Hub provides an excellent leadership opportunity for students.

Information for Labdoo Hubs (Laptop Collection/Sanitizing Points)

Labdoo is a global collaborative platform that operates in a decentralized and flat structure. Decentralization is essential to ensure sustainable and organic growth since hierarchies tend to generate bottlenecks and often add management overheads. Everyone is capable of taking actions in Labdoo regardless of ages or locations. You can help bring education to children and reduce electronic waste even if you only have 5 minutes or a few hours of spare time.