Mensaje de estado

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Response When You Cannot/Did Not Meet Delivery Deadline


I apologize for the inconvenience created by the laptops not arriving in time for your needs.

Despite our best efforts to deliver the laptops on time, our reliance on factors beyond our control (such as the service provided by the courier, flight schedules, etc.) meant that we were unable to meet your expectations for delivery in the time period allotted.

Information for Dootrippers (英文版)

Dear Dootripper,

Thank you for your contribution to take one or more laptops to an Edoovillage! Your action is a key step towards helping make Labdoo a sustainable project. By reusing and repurposing your trip, you are not only bringing education to needy schools, but you are also helping to preserve the planet by avoiding generating additional CO2 emissions.

In this section you will find information that will help you make your trip more efficient, safe, and fun.