Edoovillage #1407 - Cameroon, Dschang: Computer literacy | ABOYERD



Edoovillage #1407 - Cameroon, Dschang: Computer literacy | ABOYERD


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Computer literacy | ABOYERD
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6.1 Full Name(*): Aghah Valery Binda
6.2 Phone(*): +237 675 802 634
6.3 Email(*): bindalery16@gmail.com

Project description: 

Even after the creation of a university in the town of Dschang in the West Region of Cameroon, the area still remains quite wanting in terms of computer literacy.
Although computer literacy has become an absolute requirement for students and job seekers, majority of youths in Dschang still do not have access to or know how to use a computer and are 100% computer illiterate.
They face serious difficulties with assignments and research which would otherwise be very easy to handle by means of a computer and internet, and even when they struggle to go through school and graduate, they remain unemployed because most available jobs require some level of computer knowledge.
A few years ago, ABOYERD – a local grassroots organization concerned with nature protection and youth empowerment set up a computer literacy program aimed at developing the skills of students of nature protection-University of Dschang in internet research, statistics, data analysis, word processing and career development.
However, with the successes recorded by this program and the numerous expressions of interest, ABOYERD decided to expand its efforts by modifying the program to include primary, secondary and high school children between 10 to 19 years of age.
Through this program, francophone students are able to learn English language while Anglophones learn French language. Besides homework help and other specific lessons, they also learn skills such as sending emails, conducting Internet research, creating word processing documents and creating presentations.
For greater impact, ABOYERD admits a new set of 233 students each year who will receive high attention while old students remain with free access to the center and later graduate.
With only 5 working computers currently present in the center, the successful running of this initiative has been greatly hampered. We are hereby soliciting doortronics from Labdoo to meet this urgent need.

[19.03.2019] Semaphore set to RED as receiver still insists on the full number of items, even only partial acceptance was confirmed!

Red: pictures about the project have not been uploaded yet
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5. Claimed IT equipments (*), but NOT accepted: 5.1 Number of Laptops needed(*): 50 (accpeted 20) 5.2 Number of eBook Reader needed: 8 (8) 5.3 Others needed (Tablet-PCs etc): 8 tablets (4)
Local language(s): 
English, French
Internet connection type: 
Wired or Wireless
Date it was created: 15/03/19/
Date it was last updated: 19/03/19


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Dootrip #0000010502019-06-01T09:30:00Stuttgart, GermanyDschang, CameroonPending50


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