Edoovillage #1397 - Nigeria, lokongoma Lokoja: Back2School



Edoovillage #1397 - Nigeria, lokongoma Lokoja: Back2School


(need to update GPS coordinate)
No 96, church hill street
lokongoma Lokoja , KO
7° 47' 30.7644" N, 6° 43' 14.8656" E
Kogi NG
Coordinating hub(s): 
Project title: 
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
On-site point of contact: 

6.1 Full Name(*): Michael Abdullahi
6.2 Phone(*): +2348137345126
6.3 Email(*): abdullahimichaeleneye@gmail.com
6.4 Physical address of Organization (street, city, zip code, country...)(*): No 96, church hill street lokongoma Lokoja, kogi state, Nigeria.
6.5 GPS coordinates 7,791879, 6,720796

Project description: 

We have a community learning center where we teach children of impoverished families in low-income communities in kogi state subjects ranging from Basic English, mathematics and sports.
We do our work through storytelling and drawings and we are in need of laptops in order to be able to reach this children on ICT skills that will enable them to be able to favorably compete with their contemporaries from conventional schools or from the city.
This laptops will aid our work, as it will help us be up-to-date and equip the children with IT skills and any other 21st century skills.

https://www.facebook.com/mdamisa2 (new website is currently being developed as of 10-March-2019)
11. How did you hear about Labdoo?: --At online Conference,

Red: pictures about the project have not been uploaded yet
Number of dootronics needed: 
Dootronics additional notes: 
5.1 Number of Laptops needed(*): 5 5.2 Number of eBook Reader needed:1 5.3 Others needed (Tablet-PCs etc): 3
Local language(s): 
Internet connection type: 
Wired or Wireless
Date it was created: 04/03/19/
Date it was last updated: 10/03/19


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