Edoovillage #1108 - Cameroon, Batié: Intercanvi correspondència i treballs informàtics Projecte Batié - Manresa


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Edoovillage #1108 - Cameroon, Batié: Intercanvi correspondència i treballs informàtics Projecte Batié - Manresa

Thank you note: 

A New thank you note from the Orphanage of Bandjuidjong-Cameroon
Cameroon on February 17, 2018
To the labdoo team.
Ladies and gentlemen of the great LABDOO team from Spain, we received with great joy and happiness the computer LABDOO very necessary for the computer practice of the children of the bandjuidjong orphanage in Cameroon.
We are very happy for the love that you had made through Anna Beltran, who knows deeply the material needs of our children in the field of new technology.
This computer already allows these children to do the computer practice because at school, teachers stop at the theory.
In the past it was very difficult for me to train them with my personal computer because it is difficult for 23 children to be able to train with a single computer.
We thank you very much for this gesture of heart, we thank all the team of LABDOO for this important computer tool to train and educate children and allow them to discover the new technology of communication.
Our thanks comes from the heart and most often, saying thank you would still say that we ask. We have 23 children in the orphanage and two computers (labdoo and a desk stop) available to train them. Which is almost 11 children per computer.
For this reason, we turn once again to ask you two more Labdoo computers or three or even more so that at the time of computer practice, we have at least 3 to 4 children per computer so that each of them can better understand the explanations while having a necessary tool before him for the practice.
We have someone who can take the computers to us in April if you agree to give us a few more. He comes from Cadiz.
We thank you very much and we also await your reaction to this new request. Thank you


Batié Batié , EST
5° 16' 59.9988" N, 10° 16' 59.9988" E
East Province (Est) CM
Coordinating hub(s): 
Project title: 
Intercanvi correspondència i treballs informàtics Projecte Batié - Manresa
On-site point of contact: 

Professor Francis Edouart Tchatchouna

Project description: 

Intercanvi correspondència i treballs informàtics entre el Lycee de Baté (Camerun i l'IES Lacetània de Manresa. Per treballar la llengua castellana i la informàtica. Permetrà, doncs conèixer la realitat d'ambdós països, la seva cultura, treballaar amb els valors dels joves, les seves emocions i generar l'esperit solidari i crític.

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Local language(s): 
Frances i espanyol
Internet connection type: 
Wired or Wireless
Date it was created: 19/02/18/
Date it was last updated: 06/03/18


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000012122 Cameroon [S4] Deployed and being used Asus EEE PC 1005HA EEEVA xxxxxxxxx


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