Zambia, Mongu: Chesire Home School



Zambia, Mongu: Chesire Home School


Chesire Home School
Limulunga Road
15° 7' 24.996" S, 23° 8' 60" E
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Chesire Home School
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Schwester Cathy Crawford

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The Cheshire Home is situated 6 km outside the township of Mongu on the Limulunga Road. The Home was opened in 1983 during the International Year of the Child as the result of a survey carried our by a local group at the instigation of the Capuchins order. It is managed by a Management Board of local people on a voluntary basis and is run by the Presentation Sisters who have an agreement with the Management Team that two sisters will work in the home. The Home has a capacity of fifty five and has a staff of twenty four which includes a resident nurse and special education teacher. Cheshire Home is the only one of its kind in Western Province and as such has a huge catchment area. Parents and children travel mostly on foot from outlying areas for a number of days to reach Mongu.

The Home is for the Rehabilitation of physically handicapped children between the ages of birth to 16. Rehabilitation is carried out with the children for the duration of their stay through surgery, physiotherapy and education. There are two programmes in operation:

- the Residential Programme for children from 3 years to 16.
- The Mother and Baby Training Programme on which children under three years stay with a parent – usually the mother. This is also called the Early Intervention Programme – we encourage parents to bring their child for treatment at as young an age as possible to maximise on results. On this programme parents of children with cerebral palsy are trained in the management of their

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