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Ubuntu Software Center

You can also install additional applications directly from your computer using the Ubuntu Software Center. Once your laptop is booted, log in and click on the menu icon, then click on 'System Tools' and then select 'Ubuntu Software Center'. (This path could be slightly different depending on the version of your Ubuntu/Lubuntu system.) This will open a search engine from where you can look for thousands of applications and from where you can download and install the ones you select. Enjoy the many free educational applications that you can also find in this software database!

Prüfen, um welche CPU es sich handelt (nonPAE / PAE, 32 bit / 64 Bit)

[Update 20.04 LTS] Ab Release 20.04 LTS ff. werden nur noch 64 Bit-basierte Images for Cloning von Labdoo bereit gestellt. Daher kann dieses Kapital entfallen.

Es gibt verschiedene Prozessoren (CPUs) in Rechnern, 32-Bit (nonPAE und PAE) und 64-Bit (nur PAE). In fast allen Fällen kann man das PAE 32 Bit Image bzw. Lubuntu 32 Bit (i386) einsetzen. Nur bei Speicher (RAM) größer als 3 GB oder bei moderner Hardware lohnt die Installation der 64 Bit-Version.