When should we deliver the laptops without batteries?



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Dear all,

I've been collaborating with several sanitation hubs and i have this question you could help me answer. What could be a good criteria to decide when to deliver the laptops without batteries?
What are the pros and cons of each option (with /without batteries) and where could we set up a standard criteria.
I see in the platform labdoo recomends to take the batteries out always, but may be a 30 minutes battery can be useful in case the have some electricity short interruption.

What do you think? What is wise? should we standarize or not?


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Gespeichert von wendy am Sa, 04/27/2019 - 05:15

We do have no battery policy in California Hub ( https://www.labdoo.org/content/laptops-no-batteries )

We told all the new edoovilages about our policy ahead of time and we print the no battery policy page to go with the laptop in case dootripper raises up the question. So far we haven't got any complaint and most of our dootripers appreciate the no battery policy very much.

We do have a dootripper paid and bought batteries for 2 laptops we ship to her, who didn't mind to pay from her own pocket and didn't mind the weight, which is perfectly fine.

Some might think its a waste to discard all the used batteries even some old batteries may still have 30 minutes of life. From standardization point of view, this is more cost-effective than shipping laptops with possible defected batteries to disappoint our edoovillages or raising fund to replace the batteries. Therefore, we choose to remove all batteries before the shipment.

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Gespeichert von frankgeisler am Fr, 05/03/2019 - 13:51

In Switzerland we deliver all laptops including the batteries. There are several laptop types where the battery also acts as a part of the stabilization of the computer on a table. in other words: without the battery the laptops does not have a safe and secure stand and it can be difficult to use it without the battery.

the Swiss recipients are responsible for their own logistic, so some decide to take the batteries out during transportation in a plane or a container, others don't. we feel it is up to them to decide.

in the meantime we have also a larger spare part inventory with batteries - hundreds of different types so in case we get a donated laptop without batteries, we look for a replacement. buying a new one is not feasible for us.