Suggestion on Dootrip Brochure - provide main URL instead of email address



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I have been reviewing the material you facilitate and I find very helpful for example the "Dootrip Brochure" for example at the time ato create some publicity that could provide some dootravleres in our Hubs.

There is one thing though that I would suggest to change and it is that on it, it is requested to reach out for the organization via mail..[Reach us..] I would suggest instead to provide the main URL instead, so that the user sees in first term the main page, the videos and so on (he will contact us afterwards if he is interested).

IT is a very slight change, but personally as user if one of these brouchers falls in my hands, I prefer to be given first the URL, where can I find some information myself and then initiate an approach contact (via mail or directly creating a dootrip) once I am interested, than directly writting a mail for starters
[this might also save you to having to answer a bunch of mails...]


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Thank you Javier, that's a good point and something we have considered doing also. The reason we directly provide the email address in some of the brochures is that we also got feedback from some people suggesting the other direction: some people don't want to be bothered about going to a website and having to look for the place to contact, they just want to tell us they have a laptop to donate or a trip to offer as simply as possible, and so we provide the email address as the simplest way to reach out to us. This way they can just fire up their email and send us a message.

Another aspect is that in reality we get very little emails directly contacting us via Most (i would say 95%) of the messages come from the form people find online: In general it appears that people who are willing to spend a few minutes going to a website they will just google "labdoo" and find us, then go to the contact form.

I think we can change the brochures to provide the URL instead of the email if you feel strongly, but just wanted to point out the reasons we have the email address. Anyone has any input to this?

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I can only explain, how the German speaking countries work, finding most of all dootrips. We us the localized domains, and to lead visitors to our landing page. Here each role will find a good entry point plus the explanatory video. Only point missing is the project picture gallery due to technical limitation.

So on the page you spread above beside these national domains we added the German super-hub e-mail address in the German version. We use this address to receive mails at a central national mail address. From here they are answered and spread to local hubs and helpers.

On the long run just one international e-mail address may-be overrun by too many mails, so may-be it is better to define super-hub email addresses for a country or a language, when available. That is how the contact page, Jordi mentioned, works anyway. Depending on the country selected the message is proceeded to the (in our case German) super-hub.

We don't use this poster, as we found different approaches working much better to find dootrippers. Less than about 3% of all dootrippers find Labdoo online "by coincidence" and ask for a matching project to their travel plans. We start at the other end. We are looking for schools having partner schools abroad, for associations/platforms supporting schools or projects abroad, volunteer NGOs sending out juveniles to projects, for senior consultancies sending out retired experts abroad etc. Then we ask them to present a request, according to their travel plans. As they visit their projects several times a year or send goods / containers, the laptop deliveries are solved that way.

And we run Google Adwords campaigns, sponsored by Google for NGOs for free, to find projects and dootrippers.

I know, Germans works differently as most other Labdoo countries - but what to say, it works :)

The link address beneath the German poster does not work any-way.

Ralf (Labdoo Germany)