Sanitizing tablets



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Hi everyone. Is it possible for me to sanitize donated iPads if I have a charger? If so, do I need some technical/digital experience to do it?


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We currently have not documented the process of sanitizing tablets yet in the Labdoo wiki, but we will be doing so soon as the volume of tablets starts to increase. In the meantime, to sanitize tablets, we only do one simple thing: we do what's commonly known as a "factory reset". This is an option that all tablets carry and which helps their users bring the state of the tablet back to where it was right when the tablet was bought, erasing all personal info and bringing things back to the welcome screen.

There are a few places and blogs online where this process is explained. Depending on whether you know the password of the iPad or not, here is a couple of links that i have used in the past and seemed to work well:

If you know the password of your iPad, you can follow these steps (please use the "factory default" method):

If you don't know the password of your iPad, follow these steps (please use the "Erase your device with recovery mode to remove your passcode" method):

Let us know how things go Janice as your inputs will be valuable to document in our wiki the process of sanitizing an iPad and tablets in general.