Netbooks with small hard drive



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I have a couple of ACER ASPIRE ONE to be cleaned. They come with a 8GB HDD (I suppose it's an SSD).
I have installed Lubuntu on them but I can't get the OS running properly. Has anyone got stuck on the same problem before?
Thanks in advance!


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Hi Paz,
usually it should work, the minimal resources might be the reason. Usually (L)Ubuntu checks and loads all needed drivers and the installed Atom-CPU is working in many netbooks. You could check manually, if a driver is missing. Another reason might be the RAM. How much RAM is installed? 512 MB was the standard in 2008. The 8 GB disc might also be used up, please check free space. If you cannot solve it using Lubuntu, maybe you install an even leaner Linux distro, e.g. Puppy Linux
Ralf (Hub Rhein-Ruhr, Germany)

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Hi Paz, thanks for your post, i moved this conversation to the "Global Support Team" because that's where we discussed technical questions like yours.

I agree with Ralf, it's possible that maybe the laptops need a bit more hard drive or RAM. One option is also to try with an older version of Lubuntu, like 14.04 or even 12.04, which required even less resources to run.

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Hi Jordi and Ralf!
thanks for your answers! I don't know how much RAM they have. I'll check this afternoon (I'm at home now). If you don't mind about the linux distribution, I used to install linux mint on netbooks but I can try puppy too. Well, I'll try things and let you know ;-)
Best regards,