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Here is a list of possible topics for the school hub to work on:

  • Introduction to the Labdoo Project.
  • Laptop Drives.
    • Reuse – Discover idle laptops around you and put them into a better use.
    • Repurpose – An old laptop can have a new story. It can help provide education resources for underprivileged children.
    • Recycle – By properly recycling a laptop, 41 lbs of carbon emission will be prevented from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to recycling 270 soda cans.
    • Spread awareness among family and friends.
    • Set a goal on the number of laptops to be rescued for the semester.
    • Plan a laptop drive campaign and design a flyer for it. Check out the Labdoo toolkit for some ideas and templates:
    • Follow the link HERE to learn how to effectively rescue an idle laptop.
  • Technical QA Session.
    • Learn how to build a Labdoo magic box (sanitizing a laptop).
    • Join Labdoo Monthly meetings to learn how to fix a laptop.
    • Examine basic laptop components together (e.g., memories, hard drives, etc.).
  • Dootrips.
    • Learn how the laptops get delivered without additional expenses and without additional CO2 emissions.
    • Find traveling resources among family and friends.
    • Try to match existing trip plans with destinations to Edoovillages or other Labdoo hubs and ask travelers to help carry a laptop to its next stop.
  • Adopt a project site (Edoovillage).
    • Identify an organization which needs laptop resources.
    • Help manage communication between the edoovillage, dootripers, and hubs.
  • Be part of the software development team.
    • Help translate the Labdoo website into different languages.
    • Help proof-read the Labdoo website (wikipal).
    • Join the Software Development Team Wall and help test the Labdoo website, identify and report bugs.
    • Get familiar with the programming language PHP and the Drupal System.
    • Sign up to Labdoo Github and understand Labdoo framework.
  • Recycling.
    • Watch educational videos together (e.g., TED Talks).
    • Organize a field trip to a recycling facility.
    • Organize an e-waste drive.

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