How can we anounce we need to complete a dootrip?



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Right now I have one part of a very difficoult destination dootrip (Vanuatu). We do have a traveler who goes from Paris to Vanuatubut we need to take computers from to Paris, where there is no hub. Besides writing my friends how should I reach out to get help from other Labdooers?

The traveler just told us and he's leaving Nov 12th



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Gespeichert von Rhein-Ruhr-Hub am Fr, 11/04/2016 - 16:03

Hi Elena. in such an urgent situation maybe you can send it to Paris by a parcel service? I know it is expensive, but maybe the Spanish Labdoo association can cover the costs? At least the German association offers covering costs for German helpers. And the transport is also CO2 neutral, at-least DHL and others offer a CO2 neutral transportation. Sorry, I don't know any other solution for that specific trip.

Ralf (Hub Rhein-Ruhr, Germany)

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Gespeichert von jordi am Sa, 11/05/2016 - 07:39

Hi Elena, two days ago i just learned that two friends of mine are going to Paris from Vilafranca/Barcelona. We also have laptops in Vilafranca in stock, so they could take maybe 2 laptops. I will ask them and let you know.

Yes it is ok to ask these questions using the teams wall, you can also use your network and your friends networks to find travelers. We also have a collaboration with SEUR, but it only works internally within the country. Thank you Ralf for your answer too.

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Thanks Jord, I will do so.
May be I could post a message on my facebook page, being careful not to include any personal adresses or contact numbers and answering only to known people, is that ok?