Enabling more people to Upload pictures



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In order to allow the person in charge of an edoovillage to upload pictures and add them to the album, I first registred him as edoovillage "manager", but he still couldn't upload pictures. Then I registred him as "editor", but it still didn't work. Do you know what I did wrong or how could I have done it faster?. Thanks

And another question, who sould or shoul not add pictures? Only the managers? Labdoers? Dootripers?


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That's a good question Elena.

There are two separate things here:

1. One thing is to give a user the management role for a specific Labdoo user to a specific school. This is done by editing the edoovillage and adding this user to the field "Projects Manager". This allows the user to edit the edoovillage information.

2. The other thing is to give the user extra rights to upload pictures. This is done via the "edoovillage manager" role to that user. Adding a role to anouther user is something that only superhub users can do right now. The user roles are explained here: https://www.labdoo.org/content/labdoo-user-accounts

I think this can be improved. I think that users with just option #1 above should be able to upload pictures for that specific edoovillage.

I will be revisiting this and try to improve the workflow.

I created a task to work on this to make it simpler: https://www.labdoo.org/content/improve-rights-manage-edoovillages