Does Labdoo provide laptop to student (Not To School)?



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I'm new to this site. Does it provide laptop to a student or not? Does it provide laptop to any other except school or not?
Please explain this.


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Dear Rishikesh,
thank you for your question. It is already well explained in our wiki, please read
Aside of schools also youth projects or other projects might claim for IT donations, but they must focus on education for children and youth. Single persons cannot claim for a laptop, as Labdoo wants to support as many pupils as possible. And our resources are limited.
But there are other aspects checked as well, if a request is presented. Can the logistic be solved by the requester, to carry laptops via traveler to his place? Is the requester a real project? Does a web-site exist? Can he present an official document? Can the school be found in the official list of the school minister etc? Where is the helper network of the school located? Is there a Labdoo hub willing to take care of the request?
As you can see there is a certain procedure to follow, but this makes sense. Labdoo is a small NGO and we get the IT donations from private persons or companies on the base of trust. And we don't want to ruin this trust base. There is even more behind, but that should be enough to give you an idea, how a request is processed at Labdoo.
A last figure - actually (summer 2019) Labdoo has more than 5.000 laptops to deliver to open calls (having already close to 19.000 IT donations)... And we contribute to several 100 of travelers and transports to fulfill the open requests.
Hope this answers your question?
Ralf, (Germany)