Create feature to count laptops which travel to multiple edoovillages



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As discussed with Jordi, here is the idea and the thinking behind:

We can flag the laptop automatically by checking its historical records. It's a bit more prone to error because sometimes laptops get assigned to an edoovillage by mistake and then get corrected. It may be more robust to check for change of status, with some heuristic like this (or similar) to avoid false positives:

#1 Laptop has been in S4 for edoovillage E1 for at least 6 months
#2 Laptop was changed back to S2 or S3
#3 Laptop was assigned to edoovillage E2
#4 Laptop has been in S4 for edoovillage E2 for at least 6 months (E2 != E1)
(repeat several times)


On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 11:16 AM, Frank Geisler wrote:
Thanks for all your feedback and yes Ralf, the automatic recording feature of Labdoo will track all of the changes.

Jordi, thanks for the suggestion and yes, we definitely will have more. At the moment I use the story of 2nd, 3rd if not 4th life during my presentations and talks. If we could have a flag for these globetrotter laptops then it would be easier for all of us to track these special cases.

I am not sure if the flag setting should be done manually or, based on the historical records of each laptop which Ralf mentioned, could automatically be detected by the system and marked afterwards (maybe even with a number of edoovillages reached) - so a number rather than a pure flag. This way we could select the ones which pass more than one edoovillage. Just an idea because I might overcomplicate the topic. :)

Herzliche Grüsse, Frank

2017-11-09 11:02 GMT+01:00 Jordi Ros-Giralt :
(Adding Wendy and Elena)

Frank i think "multi-round trip" laptops are are an amazing achievement and speaks of (1) the level of maturity of your hub as well as (2) the efficacy of your logistical actions as you guys are not only able to deliver laptops in very remote regions of the planet but also rescue them, fix them back, and re-deploy them somewhere else. Think about it, how many laptops in the world can say they have been used in 3 different locations of the world?

Do you think you will have more laptops like this in the future?

If so, I am thinking it would be good to mark these laptops with a special flag so we can track them as very special cases. This could also help in our research project to help quantify the CO2 and economic savings induced from extending the life of a laptop, again as special cases.

If you think it's worth it, i can add a new flag, maybe we could call it "Globetrotter" status (or similar) that when gets enabled it means the laptop has done multiple trips back and forth. Thoughts?


On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 10:11 AM, Frank Geisler wrote:
Hi Jordi

Just for your information:

Being now active since early 2012 we get more and more laptops back from edoovillages for local recycling here in Switzerland.

Some of these returned laptops still can be repaired or upgraded. So as an example, this one is now ready for its 2nd mission across the world and hence maintains even a third life.

This is how we documented it in the comment field of that dootronic:
"Donated by Ernst Basler + Partner AG, Switzerland (17-DEC-2015)
Was in Tansania between 12-JUN-2016 and 29-APR-2017 at this EdooVillage:
Now returned to Labdoo Hub Zurich and ready for the 2nd mission and its 3rd life!"

Cheers, Frank