"Burning" ISO files to USB stick



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I followed the instructions at https://www.labdoo.org/content/advanced-method-without-network to prepare some USB sticks for the purpose of sanitizing Dootronics. After downloading the two files "parted_magic_clonezilla_2012_10.iso" and "parted_magic_clonezilla_2013_08.iso" I "burned" the images (successful) to the sticks with two different programs: "Disks" and "Startup Disk Creator". All 4 sticks where able to boot the Dootrinic. But every boot-process terminated at different points with different error messages.

After this experience I "burned" the same iso images at a Win10 latop with the program "rufus" to the sticks - and everythink works fine.

My questions are:
Has anybody encountered similar problems?
Is it possible that the original iso images are created by a windows program? With some Windows-magic?


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Hi Jürgen,

these iso images are neutral, it does not matter, if you use a Windows or Linux computer to burn C//DVD or USB-stick. But I can report similar problems. There are tools for multi-boot solutions. Or some tools run well under Windows and not for Linux or vice versa.

So please try which solutions fits best for you.

PS: Cloning 18.04 LTS based images will need an actual Parted Magic 2018. I will send you a mail with more information.


Ralf, Labdoo.org (Germany)