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What does the script installscript-software.sh do?

  • Installation of Edubuntu (educational software for children)
    • software for pre-school,
    • software for the primary school and
    • software for the secondary school
  • Additional software, which are not part of Lubuntu
    • Office Libreoffice
    • ClamAV virus scanner and update virus signature
    • programs for barrier free access for handicapped users (blind or deaf)
    • update and patch Lubuntu system
  • Add user student (student has less rights and is not able to damage the system)
  • helpful settings to optimize Lubuntu-Betriebssystems.

What does the script installscript-content.sh do?

  • install Xowa offline wiki Tool to enable access to 800+ offline wikis
  • license-free educational content (OER)
  • wikidoo - english offline wiki following UK-Curriculum
  • english eBooks (eBooks in other languages can be found on the FTP server or the external USB-disk/stick --> /Public/eBooks and can be copied from here)
  • multimedia language course English

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