What to do with the battteries?


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If a laptop battery is not in very good shape, our policy is to remove the battery and recycle it prior to sending the laptop to a school.

There are several reasons for that:

  • The battery that comes with the used laptop normally is reaching the end of its life cycle. Some times, old batteries can cause problems to power up the laptop.
  • The battery is one of the most poisoning eWaste products and we try not to pollute the environment of our schools, who may not have the capacity to properly dispose eWaste.
  • A Laptop battery adds extra weight to the laptop which may be a limitation if a traveler carrying the laptop needs to travel light.
  • Since Labdoo laptops are most often used to serve in a classroom setting and a many classrooms do have power outlets, the laptops can work without the battery.

Please include only the battery in the laptop if it is in very good shape.

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