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  • [NEW FEATURE AVAILABLE - CLOUD DEMO LABDDO ENVIRONMENT - If you want to get a feel of what a Labdoo prepared laptop brings installed with it please check the demo environment we have arranged online]

    Please log under: http://cloud.labdoo.org

    Username: student

    Password: labdoo

  • If you have any questions about this page or if you find any errors, please write a message to the support wall and a Labdoo volunteer will help resolve it. Thank you for helping to improve our wiki pages.

Hello Labdoers,

Due to the new GDPR regulation which is taking effect in Europe on May 25, we need to ask you to do a couple of things: (1) accept our new terms and conditions and (2) re-subscribe to the Labdoo newsletter(s) if you'd like to continue receiving from time to time our newsletter about the Labdoo educational stories and initiatives happening around the world.

Please notice that if you don't re-subscribe to the newsletter, you will no longer receive them. We'd love to continue having you in this global journey to equip every single school in the planet with educational laptops!

Instructions are simple:

  1. Login to Labdoo.org: https://www.labdoo.org/user/login . Upon log in, review and accept the new GDPR compliant terms and conditions.
  2. Go to the newsletters page (https://www.labdoo.org/newsletters) and register back to those newsletter you are interested in.

Looking forward to continue our journey together!

The Labdoo Team
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About GDPR

At Labdoo we have believed from day one in keeping things as simple as possible. Only if we keep our operations simple and focused we will be able to bring more educational laptops to an even bigger number of schools. That's the reason from day one we've only collected the minimum necessary information from our users. This means that we have been pretty much GDPR compliant from day one. On one hand, we only collect minimal information from you (like your name, email and country, no other sensitive information such as your personal detailed addresses, social security numbers, bank information is necessary to run Labdoo). On the other, all the data you create in Labdoo (dootronics, dootrips, edoovillages, hubs) is openly available and you have the right and capability to remove all the data that you have created.

GDPR however defines a very sophisticated set of rules and has demanded that we adjust some of our process to make sure your data is even safer. For instance, while we don't actively collect data from you, Labdoo is connected with third party tools like Google Analytics that do collect some base information. In this regard, we have implemented a new anonymization feature which ensures that even your IP address cannot be linked to you and that no sensitive personal information is passed to any 3rd party tool.

Overall, we are happier than ever to have built a platform not based on the need to collect personal data for its success but rather on keeping things simple and focused towards the mission of bringing educational laptops to children around the world. Thank you for being part of the Ladoo story!


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