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Just thought i could share this with you, about TV3 (the highest audience Catalan TV station) filming the work done by the students from a Labdoo Hub located at a School. I know you guys have similar activities in your own regions, but what we like about this video is that it's the students themselves explaining (in their own words) what Labdoo is. You will see in this film there is no Labdoo adult explaining how it works, it's only kids explaining. This film was broadcasted at 7pm on the InfoK program, which is a famous News program for Kids.

(click CC to read English subtitles)

The students asked TV3 permission to publish the video on youtube, once granted the rights to do so, then they wrote the script translation to English with the hope that other kids from other countries could be inspired too.

BTW, these students started using Labtix last Fall, it works superwell for them and they are thrilled for all the cool things they are learning with the new cloning approach and the speed/efficacy of the process. Special thanks to Ralf and Javier for putting Labtix together, as well as Carles and teacher Ferran from the school hub, it cannot be overstated the impact it's having.

Some of the things these kids do as part of their Labdoo activities:

  • Sanitize laptops.
  • Explain the project to other schools (evangelize :) )
  • Make presentations at libraries to convince them to create dropping points (with this action they created 14 droppoing points at 14 local libraries in southern Barcelona)

Among the work done in our small local region, this is one of the most inspiring parts for us all.


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