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[This information is only important for hubs and helpers installing and using Nepali OER educational content]

The Nepalese OER 2017 cannot be opened in Firefox 68 (rel. Spring 2019). The OER was not changed since 2 years and we don't expect that the Nepalese archive will be modified soon.

So Labdoo Team Germany (especially hub München and Rhein-Ruhr) worked out a workaround using the former Firefox version 60 (ESR Extended Support Release), which is still able to handle the Nepalese OER. We had no time to check this content and the scripts in details, but our guess is that due to security reasons the new Firefox is blocking some scripting, which was accepted in older browser version. We also checked out many other browsers. All actual browser denied to open the Nepalese content. So it is not a Firefox problem, but more a problem of Nepalese wiki violating security guidelines. So we have to wait for either an update of the content (nothing modified past 2 years) or use the workaround below. This will lead to 2 Firefox releases being installed on laptops for Nepal: the actual Firefox browser according the Lubuntu release installed and the ESR version, actually release 60).

There are other ways to solve this problem, of cause. But our approach is as follows:

1. Download Firefox ESR Release 60(!) from In case Release 60 will be removed, we keep an English copy here

2. Move the downloaded archive to folder /Public and unpack it here. You will find a new folder /Public/firefox.

3. Create a launcher on the desktop (right mouse click desktop):
Type: Application
Name: Firefox ESR
Command: click on BROWSE and navigate to folder /Public/firefox, double click here on the file firefox. After that you will find the command filled-in: /home/labdoo/Public/firefox/firefox
Comment: any comment you like, e.g. Firefox ESR browser for Nepali content

4. On the desktop you will find a new Firefox icon "firefox ESR". Click on this icon to start Firefox ESR. Add a new tab and open file /Public/wikis/NE/en_ole_nepal/index.html.

5. Log-out and log-in as user student, follow step 3 and 4 here again.

In the future this workaround might become obsolete, either because the Nepali content will be updated to work with actual browsers. Or browser policy might change and might work with the existing Nepali content. We'll keep you updated.

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