Happy Holidays and End of the Year 2018!


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Dear Labdooers in New York

Thanks again for your volunteering and support in 2018. The last few laptops that we sanitized over the summer are planned to be picked up and delivered to Africa and Central America. You can check where your sanitized laptops went by logging into your Labdoo account and go to "My dootronics" under "Dootronics" menu!

This year I could not do another sanitation workshop since we did not collect enough laptops to conduct a workshop (I could do all myself at home).
Good news! In the last few months, there are many dootrips (Labdoo travelers / trips) from New York to mainly Africa. BUT... we do not have enough laptops to supply... So in the beginning of 2019, what we can do in New York is to focus on collecting laptops from friends, organizations, or companies! (then we can do another workshop). We can talk more about this in January.

Globally: In 2018, we have accomplished so much. Thanks to all of you, today Labdoo is servicing powerful educational laptops to more than 1,300 schools reaching out to more than 435,000 students in 127 countries.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY... THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND COLALBORATION!!I would like to wish you peace, happiness and health during this holiday season and in the New Year 2019. Our heartfelt thank you for your continuous dedication, energy and determination to help spread education around the world.

Labdoo New York Hub Manager