Check filtering newsletter, editing old newsletter not possible?


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Hi Jordi,

just tried to filter for DACH newsletter (German), but also Global newsletter were shown in the result list. Seems the filter does not work correct? Have not checked for other languages and filters.
Not urgent, just noticed and reported not to forget.

More urgent - tried to edit being logged in, but newsletter is loading now since many minutes. I wanted to use the 2017-version as template for 2018 card. Can you have a look?

Thanks, Ralf


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Submitted by jordi on Sun, 01/13/2019 - 22:13

Hi Ralf,

On the second issue, as we discussed offline, it was just slow, but it works as you were able to submit the letter this past Christmas.

On the first issue, please notice that the menu on the top of this page is not a filter. It's a selection menu that allows users to register or deregister from the newsletter (notice that it says "Subscribe to newsletters"). This page does not have a filter. If you think a filter is needed, i can add it. Let me know, thanks.