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Installing the RACHEL Education Package

RACHEL is a free collection of powerful educational content available in several languages. It includes packages like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, Edison for Robotics, CK-12 Textbooks, UNESCO's IICBA Electronic Library, MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia, Great Books of the World, OLPC Educational Packages, or MIT Scratch, among many others. To get an overview of what a package includes, please refer to the project's page at or check OER2GO's list of educational software from

Wikis installieren

Neben einigen Manuals und Videotutorials beinhalten die Labdoo Images for Cloning keine Lerninhalte! So könnt ihr das für eure Schule / Projekt am besten passenden Lerninhalte auswählen, je nach Sprache(n), Größe eurer Festplatte usw.

Die meisten Lerninhalten stammen vom OER2GO Projekt. .

Offline wikis und OER (Open Educational Ressources)

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Videotutorial (Überblick)

Wiki Translations

The goal of Labdoo is to break barriers so that education can reach out to all the regions of the world. A key to overcoming these barriers is the capability to write documents not just in one language but in as many as possible. To that end, the Labdoo wiki system provides a few simple functions facilitating the translation of any wiki doc into any other language. If you find a relevant wiki page or book that is not available in your language, we encourage you to take action and start a translation on your own.

Here are the steps to translate a wiki page or book:

Labdoo Wiki

The Labdoo platform allows users to create their own wiki pages. To do so, your user will need to have the role of "book writer". If you don't have this role assigned and would like to write wiki pages, please email (You can check the current roles assigned to your user by going to 'My account' and then clicking the tab 'My roles'.)

Special HTML tags

The body section of a wiki page allows writers to use a simplified form of HTML tags to help them format their content. While the page 'Compose tips' (a link to this page is provided at the bottom of the "body" field in each wiki form) provides a detail description of each of the HTML tags supported by the Labdoo wiki system, in this section we provide additional information for some of the tags that are a bit more advanced.

Inserting images