Missatge d'estat

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Forwarding a Response

When solicitors send us a request for laptops for a school in a country COUNTRY_DESTINATION, the first response is to ask back if they know of travelers from any country COUNTRY_SOURCE where Labdoo has hubs (see the Labdoo response to laptop solicitors: https://www.labdoo.org/content/response-dootronics-solicitation). If the solicitors find travelers from a country COUNTRY_SOURCE which has Labdoo hubs, then the next step is to ask them to forward their own request to the Labdoo hubs in country COUNTRY_SOURCE.

Suggesting a School or a Hub to write their Labdoo Story

If you would like to suggest a school or a hub to write their own Labdoo story, you can copy and paste the following text and send it to them. This text is only provided as a template to avoid having to retype all the time the same paragraph, feel free to adjust it to the context of your own conversation with the school or the hub:



Thank you very much for the wonderful work you do in $COUNTRYNAME to help give a chance at education to so many students.