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Hi All,

Please can I get some advice. I am still trying to set up a laptop from scratch, however I am having a few problems. I'm booting with labtix from a bootable USB. What is the best method to get labtix installed onto the computer? The problems I'm having are
- I have tried to mount an external disc drive but it comes up with an input/output error.
- I have tried to connect to a wifi network to download the files via ftp directly onto the laptop but the laptop does not see any networks at all.

I am wondering whether these are common setup problems, are there undocumented steps I need to take, for example manually installing network drivers and/or external USB drivers?

Kiran (NZ)


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Enviat per Rhein-Ruhr-Hub el dj., 09/12/2019 - 10:29

Hi Kiran,
Labtix is the installation tool, to be run in RAM, it has not to be installed on a laptop. Labtix helps you to install the images for cloning.
Downloading and installing the images for cloning from FTP server is not a good idea. You should (as explained in the wikis) download the image you need first to a local device or server. I understand you tried to skip that step and that might be causing the described problem. Conneting to a and downloading from a FTP server located in Europe might be interrupted and lead to broken downloads. So it is better to us a good tools like Filezilla or others suggested.
Please read all wiki pages and watch the video tutorials. If you still have problems please come back here. and sub-chapters
I hope this is of any help for you.
Ralf, (Germany)