Dootrip #000000994 - from Zürich (Switzerland) to Tanger, (Morocco)

Origen del viatge: 
8044 Zürich
47° 22' 36.9012" N, 8° 32' 32.8344" E
Data de sortida: 
diumenge, gener 27, 2019 - 08:00
Destinació del viatge: 
90000 Tanger,
Data d'arribada: 
dijous, febrer 28, 2019 - 20:00
Informació adicional de viatger/s: 
Thomas Studer / Sylvia Diez
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Pes estimat dels dootronics: 
No dootronics linked to this dootrip yet
Travel distance: 
[Not available this time, try again later] Kms
CO2 emissions savings: 
0 Kgms of CO2 emissions will be saved assuming one laptop is transported
Edoovillages assigned: 
I'm very sorry that i couldn't announce my trip earlier. I had problem with the swiss vehicle control organisation who didn't let pass the car last december. Yesterday the car finally passed and we are ready to hit the road. We like to start our trip on Sunday the 27.1. We will arrive in Tanger Marocco befor end of February. So the delivery date can be betwen 6. until 28.2.2019. The Laptops can be carried at all destination in Marocco. The laptops will be carried by car. We can pick up the laptops in Zürich (Switzerland) at any Time until Sunday 27.1.19 around 8:00 am. We are very sorry for the rush. Best wishes Thomas & Sylvia
Date it was created: 22/01/19/
Date it was last updated: 29/09/20