Laptops with no batteries

At Labdoo, we purposely remove the battery to the laptop unless it’s a brand new battery.

There are several reasons for that.
1. The used battery came with the used laptop normally is reaching toward the end of its
life cycle. Very often, the old battery causes problems to power up the laptop.
2. The battery is one of the most poisoning eWaste products and we try not to pollute the
environment of our schools, who may not have the capacity to properly dispose the eWaste.
3. Laptop battery is quite heavy, and many airlines prohibit laptop batteries to be put
together with laptop in the check-in luggage. The volunteer has to manually carry the
battery separately with their carry-on suitcase which is an extra burden to the traveler.
Not to include old battery saves the CO2 footprint and also ease the traveler’s life in a
great deal.

Since the Labdoo laptops are most often used to serve in the classroom setting and
most of the classrooms do have power outlets, we came to the decision to not include
the batteries on the laptops we sent out unless the batteries are in extremely good
We hope you found the explanation useful and we are looking forward to seeing the picture
sharing of your students enjoying the laptops.