Keyboard Layout

[Please print and attach this sheet to your dootronic shipment to ensure that the recipient knows how to use the computer. To print this sheet, click on 'Printer-friendly version' at the bottom of this page. Make sure to print it using the double page option in your printer settings to minimize the amount of paper used. Also, please print only one copy of this document for each group of laptops shipped together.]

Useful links keyboard layouts - a free keyboard for Android phones and Windows-running computers allowing for typing of all languages of Africa that are based on latin script

You can also enclose a print-out of specific keyboard layouts with the laptop. Here is a collection of frequently used keyboard layouts

German ESC Bild ↑ Bild ↓ Druck Ende Einfg Entf Pause Pos 1 Strg
English ESC page (up) page (down) print end Ins Del pause Home CTRL Backspace Shift Caps Enter
French Échap ImpÉc Fin Inser Suppr Pause CTRL ← Suppr arrière Maj Verr Maj ↩ Entrée
Spanish ESC Re Pág Av Pág Impr Fin Insert Supr Pausa Inicio Ctrl Retroceso Mayús Bloq Mayús Entrar